May 25, 2019
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  • kitengela glass

    Adrenaline Bridge Then Meal at Masai Lodge

    You know when your friends swear and promise to keep time before a road trip? Then you believe them. This past weekend (9th March) was an idea that we mulled over for a short while. A suggestion in the group had us confirming the date. We have had awesome times…

  • youtube in kenya

    Death of YouTube in Kenya: How Creators Lost The Plot

    Improving connectivity to the internet and the steadily inclining interest in social media for business and opportunity has led to the birth of YouTube-rs. We look at the death of Youtube in Kenya. A community of people that dedicated their hours to the screen, covering body hacks, food travel, tour…

  • Top 10 Favorite Fragrances Of 2018 By Angel Lately

    Top 10 Favorite Fragrances Of 2018 By Angel Lately

    Angel Lately has come out of her long YouTube hiatus to upload three videos over the past three weeks talking about what she loves the most, fragrances. In the latest video, she talks about her favorite fragrances of 2018. You can watch the video below but here is the list…

  • Kenyan Songs That Shaped 2018 Bien Aime, Otile Brown, Willy Paul Msafi and Nyashinski

    Kenyan Songs That Shaped 2018

    NAIROBI (Blacquire) – The rise of Kenya’s version of mumble rap took shape as two poorly shot songs became the most memorable songs of 2018. Ethic’s Lamba Lolo and Position garnered millions of views on YouTube and received massive airplay on radio. We list ten Kenyan songs that shaped 2018.…

  • Gatwick Airport Shut Down: What We Know So Far

    LONDON (Blacquire) – London’s Gatwick Airport closes again due to suspected drone sighting after brief opening. Airport first shut down on Wednesday evening due to reports of two drones flying over the airfield. Although the airport reopened in the early morning hours, it remained shut for most of Thursday. Second Busiest Airport…

  • Prophet Owuor Mightiest Prophet of the Lord Abraham Mutai

    Prophet Dr Owuor Engaged In Bitter War With Critics Online

    Prophet Dr David Edward Owuor, leader of The Ministry of Repentance and Holiness’s Kings Outreach Church, is engaged in a bitter online war of words with his critics.  Followers refer to Dr David Owuor as the mightiest prophet of the Lord. He is a man under attack in the corridors of…

  • Kenya's YouTube scene is a unique and peculiar one.

    How To Be A (Bad) Kenyan YouTuber

    The most peculiar thing about the YouTube space in Kenya is cliques. It is a club of friends. If you are not part of a clique then your chances of making it are very slim. Better still, you should be part of the clique. Welcome to the world of the…

  • Jamal Nassul Gadafi Vioja Mahakamani Junior Dead

    Vioja Mahakamani Judge And KTN Junior Series Actor Stabbed To Death By Killer Woman

    Doctors at Shalom Hospital in Machakos pronounced Vioja Mahakamani judge actor, Jamal Nassul Gadafi  dead on arrival where friends had rushed him after the unfortunate incident. His girlfriend, Grace Kanamu Namulo, reportedly stabbed the 39 year old actor to death using a kitchen knife. This happened after a nasty argument.…

  • Tanasha Donna Most Beautiful Radio Presenter In The Country

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Radio Presenters In Kenya 2018

    We take a look at the top 10 most beautiful radio presenters in Kenya in 2018. The new kid on the block NRG Radio dominates the list bringing to the table celebrities like Elodie Zone, Tanasha Donna among others. Watch the video below.

  • Margie Akinyi is a DIY YouTuber

    Margie Akinyi Owns Youtube

    The age of internet and life on the like button has left a significant impact on the entire human species. Enter Margie Akinyi. Everything is game and nothing lacks a price tag any more. At the right cost and with a willing buyer, the internet has supervised the selling of…