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Culture - Health - U.S. - World - April 17, 2019

Baby Comes Unwrapped.

A newborn came to the world and straight into the record books for Aplasia cutis or Epidermolysis bullosa whichever the laboratory results shall confirm.

Ja’bari arrived without majority of his skin save for his head and legs, a moment that is now forever etched in his mother’s head. Priscilla has been able to hold her child but not without the gloves and protective clothing.

The genetic condition, which affects 20 American newborns out of 1 million births, causes the skin to become very fragile and blister easily, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

The now 3 month old boy had his fingers fused, chin equally fused to the chest and his fingers conjoined at birth.

Priscilla Maldonado Gray and Marvin Gray initially believed that it would be a normal pregnancy but now they have to await multiple surgeries and corrective procedures before bringing Ja’bari home.

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