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Culture - News - World - April 12, 2019

Missing Link; New Man Excavated.

Homo luzonensis is an extinct species of the genus Homo. The initial remains were discovered in Callao Cave, Luzon, in the Philippines by Armand Salvador Mijares and named Callao Man.

Darwin as we know has been wrong on many levels but one thing he did know, we were never alone. The very process of evolution needs reinforcement and mitigating factors.

Homo sapiens just survived the other homos either by brutal events of genocide or quickly running through the bases. We believe it was genocide.

Yuval Noah, suggests that Homo ganged up and marched against the other lesser men, unorganized variants of himself. The Neanderthals were last to go and the war was worn.

Does this new excavation point to validate the predatory nature of man towards his earlier forms? Will the missing link be found?

Maybe further examination of the Collam Man will answer the old age questions as some scientists believe that additional evidence is required to confirm the fossils as a new species

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