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Business - Culture - Health - U.S. - April 12, 2019

Influencers or Crooks? The Con of Kenyan Celebrity Brands

The Newbies are everywhere and they are taking home more than they know how to bite.

In all fairness, it takes a lot to crack black even when you are prejudiced and with a point to prove. We look at the Kenyan Celebrity Brands.

That’s not the case when you buy branded cosmetics. The glam and glitz with which they are packaged assure you of nothing but turning heads, jealous compadres and the regular retouch.

For a Kenyan Celebrity, The Struggle Is Real

Gone are the days when celebrity was enough to put three square meals away.

The celebrity of today has to face more than just the under-working agent. Newbies are everywhere and they are taking home more than they know how to bite.

Enter innovation and enterprise. Kenyan celebrities haven’t been behind except on two or three occasions.

We can report catching up is hard if not very difficult.

Like Rihanna, the Kardashians and Victoria before them all did, everyone is now looking for a product to merchandise and improve visibility as well as bank balances.

Kenyan Celebrity at Dubois Road

Unfortunately for our local men and women of the showbiz, it’s next to impossible to get these wares from the same source as Lady Victoria and her cronies.

That is why we head down to Dubois Road. A well-known street tucked away in the chest of Nairobi frequented by all and the who’s who of who knows what.

Streets are lined, some shops stacked high with unlabeled, unknown tubs, pastes and powders in boxes bearing foreign signages and the promise of better pocket depth.

Several glances and blatant staring reveals hardly enough business traffic to these establishments and raise the question of whether the boxes even have an expiry date and whether the proprietors understand basic business objectives.

These streets have previously bottled Coca-Cola successfully. It comes to no shock when Self-made businessmen and women flock the shops to collect supplies and restock their inventories.

Expiry Dates

Said inventories are crafted down to the matter of three weeks expiry dates despite the boxes two years stay at the shop.

They slap a label on one end and a price tag on the other, water down a solution and squeeze out a 5ml of paste to make up another batch. The business must run. Man must live.

Dry Lips

Not until a customer’s lips get dry upon which a different product is recommended or invented, the lips get worse flaking off even under water until a better product as if on cue arrives from Dubai (Dubois).

This time the concentration and ratios are just on point. Until two years later when it’s watered down again.

Beauty is many things to many men and women but nobody wants it chaffed.

Yet everyone will take it because delivery is free to areas around and within Nairobi with minimal shipping to other regions of the country.

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