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Africa - Headlines - Travel - February 12, 2019

TAFARIA CASTLE : Once Upon A Dream

Where dreams come true

Growing up, the ‘Once Upon a Time’ movies were a hit! And they came in so many varieties. They all had one thing in common though; A Princess, a wicked witch, a knight in shining armor, a castle – in all forms and a happily ever after.

Life as We Know It

When it was time to live ‘life as we know it’, you realize there’s more to it than what the films portrayed.

 1. The Prince isn’t so easy to find

2. The wicked witch is that job you cannot get, bustling your way through city life, getting to Monday faster than you got to Friday . . .SMH

3. You’ll not have scenes where you’ll be singing your way through it while all dressed up in a tight corset and a draping ball gown.

4. Your castle is not a humongous mansion with a gazillion workers and maids who wait upon you.  No trees, no ranch, no horses. Your castle is just a kawa 2 bedroom house along a busy highway. Reality hits hard! 

In the middle of my reality, I met a bunch of travel lovers. And that’s how I met my dream.

Tafaria Castle

This paradise hides on a hill halfway between Nyeri and Nyahururu next to the Aberdare Ranges and overlooking the Laikipia plains. For a first timer, you wonder if you got the location right. A dirt road, bordered by semi-permanent hedges, leads to what seems like an eternity, then opens to a Cabro driveway, with beautifully spaced out mini castles that lead to the main one. The castle entrance has two majestic mahogany doors just like those in the movies. The door handles are two steel lions. 

Your hosts treat you to a warm reception complete with stunning comfy carriage seats. Then there are a couple of vintage finishes you can’t help but adore. Last, there is a welcome drink –  to remind you that it is not a dream. You might be ordinary, but you are about to have the experience of a lifetime. 

Whenever you are in Tafaria, you will  be hosted in the Lord’s Room, Court or the Manors outside the main castle; down the spiral set of stairs. Perfect beef dishes (from Solio ranch) among other meals will be served in the ballroom.  Baileys will offer a tranquil lounge as you take a hot beverage of your choice to warm the cold evening away while immersing yourself into the beautiful views.

The dungeon is not for punishments. It is laid with mushy and velvety couches for the night owls who fancy a good night behind a big screen or plan to dance the night away.

The Rhino Sanctuary

The Rhino Sanctuary, only a few kilometers away is where you’ll meet magnificent white rhinos. Trust me, they are unforgettable. You will spot a bunch of bird species and might be lucky to see lions. To bathe in their majesty, you will follow them around to get more of those lasting memories. Nothing malicious. We are just humans curious about nature.

There will be beautiful lilies in swamps here and there. You will not miss the warthogs too. As you near the end, the giraffes with their unbelievable necks will be all over the place dining from the trees. The breeze on the tour jeep is so fresh, you can almost taste it.

If you are ever in Tafaria, ride a horse. What is a castle without horses, right? And if you cannot get enough of them, you can take them back to their stables and feed them.

Tafaria castle

This majestic one is a lady, in case you were wondering. And she’s less than 10! Yea, wow!

If you would rather get in touch with your ancestral roots, archery is a must. Consider it.

I did not try this one. It is not that I have anything against my ancestors. It is just an excuse to live this dream again 😉

Take A Dip

If you are ever in Tafaria, take a dip in the pool if the sun decides to show up minutes before your check out. 

tafaria castle

Other experiences await this Princess. Many other castles too.

A beach maybe? Or one in the wild?

We’ll see where the fairytale leads.

The End.

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