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Culture - Entertainment - Magazine - January 20, 2019

Death of YouTube in Kenya: How Creators Lost The Plot

Look up your favorite Kenyan youtuber, see if they are doing that well compared to when you subscribed.

Improving connectivity to the internet and the steadily inclining interest in social media for business and opportunity has led to the birth of YouTube-rs. We look at the death of Youtube in Kenya.

A community of people that dedicated their hours to the screen, covering body hacks, food travel, tour and entertainment is now dying out.

Most renown vloggers and YouTube-rs in Kenya have long gravitated towards food fashion and entertainment, anyone playing outside this is considered a thorough rookie who wouldn’t last.

Tables have surely been shaken and a good number of vloggers have found themselves in a rut, unable to venture into the unknown and unable to create new features. This quickly translates to lost subscribers, injured pride and depression.

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It’s on good authority that most Kenyan YouTube-rs are leaving the scene citing personal development, realignment of purpose and other great causes but it’s in the open for all to see that the well of creativity is dry and the drought of copy cats is just setting in.

Most go on to open new YouTube channels under new names tackling entirely different topics and for a while rake in the views until the next dry spell comes calling.

It is not unheard of, YouTube-rs promoting their channels with giveaways and loyalty rewards but the Kenyan stock is not the giving kind, as such their death and destruction is equally unforgiving.

Look up your favorite Kenyan YouTube-r, see if they are doing that well compared to when you subscribed.

With the thinning returns locally, most take to blatant lies if only to broaden the net. Claiming they are living in some European nation but with a vested interest in Kenyan affairs of tourism and then posting locally or outsourced material.

Worth mentioning in this obliteration of Kenyan YouTube-rs is the birth of stronger rivals, ViuSasa and the rest. Which actually have the attention of every demographic the sophisticated vloggers ignored as too shabby.

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