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Africa - Business - Politics - January 15, 2019

Wolf In Sheepskin. Sinking Zimbabwe Despite New Leadership

Despite change in leadership from Robert Mugabe, it seems nothing really changed.

HARARE (Blacquire) – Citizens of the Southern African country joined in the stay-at-home strike to protest rising oil prices. The government announcement of the new prices resulted in world’s highest fuel prices. After the ejection of former president, Robert Mugabe, residents thought that things would take a positive turn in Zimbabwe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa Takes Oath

Incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa took over the reins in late August 2018. US observers of the vote doubted the democracy of the vote saying it had not been free and fair. He had secured a narrow win that put him over the 50% of the vote required to avoid a runoff against his main opponent, Nelson Chamisa.

Mnangagwa’s speech included matters on hope, reconciliation and development. He added that the country had economic challenges that should be addressed.

Fuel Prices Announcement

The president announced that fuel prices would go up from $1.24 to $3.31 (diesel) and $1.36 to $3.11 (petrol) per litre respectively. He added that the reason for the increase was illegal businesses within the oil trade.

Zimbabwe Protests

Many citizens took to the streets to protest the announcement. Zimbabwe’s major labour union called for the national strike and calls came in to have the president resign. Police engaged protesters in running battles across the capital as they burned tires to barricade roads.

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