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Culture - World - January 11, 2019

Prophet or Profit; The Mask of Prophet David Owuor.

Across world religions there is a constant and it’s not God. It is the prophets. Muslims has their own, Buddhists have their own ‘monks’, Christians have a score of their own and even native religious systems had their seers. Blacquire examines the life of Prophet David Owuor.

All these existed in a time when profit really wasn’t in the question. This was unless they were martyred and gained express access to the promises of their appropriate God.

Today, we have more profit with shallow believers and enterprising men.

The case of Dr Owuor is special in that he is not in any way a shallow believer. His story exposes a focused man that quickly forgets what is behind him. Not once has his religious or Christian upbringing revealed itself and it is on this basis that questions pour out.

The God of Abraham is notorious for always picking people like Owuor, raw agenda less with a willingness to go the distance. However, men always refuse such persons at face value and ideal value.

Attack the idea not the man

A Published Scholar

He worked his way thoroughly into acclaimed schools (University of Haifa) for a PhD in Molecular Genetics. He also holds a degree from the University of Giessen’s Institute for Genetics. Contributing to peer reviewed articles sounds like the things that a regular man settles for yet Owuor had one more calling to answer.

The God of Abraham does not respect disobedience

Didn’t He literally make Nebuchadnezzar whoop Israel and then turned him into a cow for like 7 years? Yes He did.

There’s no contention that Dr Owuor desires above all to be the hand of God on earth just like many great and lesser men before him.

He describes his calling as “Seven months of arguing with God which was not easy”, after which he gave in and appropriated the calling.

Aircraft Detection Systems

At the helm of his earthly calling, Dr Owuor was contracted to create aircraft detection systems to improve aerospace medicine. This was to detect fatigue among pilots and develop a molecular signature for detecting performance impairment while flying a plane. Is this a man that takes credit for things that he hasn’t done?

His brand of Christianity heavily borrows from John the Baptist. The man who was all out on repentance and making a clear path for the one who comes after him – Jesus. Dr Owuor is found in such a circumstance but only thoroughly delivering fiery warnings. He promises signs worse than the plagues of Egypt, and granted, he says at the end there’s reconciliation.

His great following stems from these acts of dissociation. Unique from the mainstream preaching of gospel, apostolic conventions and the regular presence in a church collecting tithe and offertory.

Cult or No Cult?

This is a man that has successfully planted the seeds for a cultist following. In his absence, members thrive on the promise of a better future. These seeds are watered by sound doctrine and little to no demands from the followers. They are eternally indebted to him for showing them a perfect path to the Saviour.

Only draw back is that Dr Owuor desires to be the Saviour and as such he must do whatever the Saviour would do while having no room for a head full of stars. The entourages with police escorts, the three annual rallies in Nakuru, the shocking prophecies whose resolution is repenting and joining his bandwagon to find salvation; all these marks of a definite Saviour in the making?

Numerous allegations against his faith and healing abilities end up dry on their backs. Many are reasoned out but still roads are washed in his name and believers would rather fill stadiums three days earlier than come late to a full stadium.

Following Logic and Rationality

A man’s success depends wholly on his persistence and motivation on the right path. Sometimes, even persisting on the wrong path has interesting results. But it’s clear to us that the Illuminati; whose existence shall be examined, has nothing to do with Prophet Dr David Owuor. In the same breath, giant pythons and humongous snakes in the Kakamega rainforest do not have the stomach to feed Dr Owuor anything.

It therefore is only logical that in the absence of irrational fear and loathing against the man, Dr Owuor is a seasoned social engineer. He allows his subjects to think him a vicar of God and absolutely sups in the perchance events around this. One can dare call him a cultist but we do know it’s all social engineering of the masses.

He won’t be the first nor will he be the last man with a God-complex, all men need a God-complex to stay on top.

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