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Business - Careers - World - January 11, 2019

LinkedIn Tangles Itself in Spam, Looses Objectivity

Once in the distant past when the internet was a solution to everything, LinkedIn promised to solve unemployment. Now LinkedIn spam is a thing.

Linking employers and prospective job seekers digitally before they even knew they’d need each other was it’s greatest selling point. Then came the shock.

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Messages promoting goods, businesses and charities begin flooding the news feed, the inbox is invaded by the marketers in person sometimes with their bots. Scams too are awake and thriving.

It’s another platform for nuisance and shenanigans, it’s a madhouse if you are trying to find the relevant jobs or connect with relevant people. Your feed is drowning in spam and unclear prompts that eventually leave you at the LinkedIn premium upgrade button.

Shady, underhanded even. Why is it necessary to give news feeds if they won’t hold anything remotely linked to news? News about jobs, opportunities for development.

LinkedIn may be well on the way to its last phase, the ride has been taken and it’s time to now die.

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