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Politics - U.S. - World - January 11, 2019

Fund Me Or Starve. Trump Maintains Stand On Wall

I haven’t done it yet, I may do it. If this doesn’t work out, probably I will do it. I would almost say definitely,”

TEXAS (Blacquire) – The FBI Agents Association has now filed a petition to the Congress and White House to ask for immediate funding for the FBI. President Trump maintains that he has to get funding for the wall before he halts the government shut down. Over 12,500 special agents will miss their pay check on Friday.

Texas Border Visit

While visiting the Texas border on Thursday, Trump reiterated his intention to declare a national emergency if he does not get funding for the wall. He asked Congress to avail 5.7 billion dollars to start construction of a border wall along the US-Mexico border.

The United States government has been partially shut down for over 20 days now. Should this extend into the weekend, this will be the longest government closure in their history. Trump promised to build a wall during campaigns and his negotiations with the Democrats broke down when they would not agree.

Ready To Use Emergency Powers

While speaking to reporters, Trump said that he still hopes Congress would come to an agreement. However, the president said that he is able and willing to use his emergency powers.

Trump insists that he has the absolute right to declare a national emergency. This statement goes against what legal scholars suggest.

While at the border, President Trump met local citizens, border enforcement figures and his officials to discuss security. A panel at the meeting said they were happy with his leadership. The president said that the wall would reduce the crime rate.

Trump would later meet with soldiers and agents at the rural section of the border, close to Mission, Texas.

Trump Wall In A Politically Charged Time

Analysts concur that this is a very tense moment in Trump’s term. Federal employees, including those who voted for him continue to suffer. Close to 800,000 government staff are home or continue to work without pay.

Overall, the FBI association also warned that it would now be difficult to hire more agents or keep them at work.

The association’s president repeated the sensitivity of the matter saying it is no longer politics but national security.

The new and powerful Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives, seems to be the catalyst in an ever expanding rift between the two sides of the argument. Speaker, Nancy Pelosi refused to fund the wall and Trump continues to mull over his next set of options.

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