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Culture - Entertainment - January 11, 2019

A Kenyan Mum Found Drunk Driving Refuses To Apologize

Despite engaging in an activity that posed great danger to other families like hers, Yummy Mummy believes everybody should let her be.

NAIROBI (Blacquire) – Twitter users brought to light a video uploaded on YouTube by Joan Munyi alias Yummy Mummy where she describes a drunk driving escapade she had just pulled.

In the video, Joan Munyi shamelessly talks of confronting a police officer who had pulled her over to conduct an alcohol level test. She wonders why she is the only being pulled over for the test while all the other drivers drive past.

Joan Munyi does not also fail to mention that she had had several shots of whiskey before taking the wheel. She also admits that while she felt confident enough to drive, she was not fully aware of herself.

Towards the end of the video, the YouTube star with more than 15000 subscribers says she cannot believe she arrived home. She acknowledges that she took too many shots for the road.

Her vivid description of her confrontation with the female police officer that stopped her depicts a young lady not in touch with the reality about road carnage.

Between 3000 and 13000 people lose their lives as a direct result of road accidents in Kenya every year. A majority of these accidents are caused by drunk driving.

According to World Health Organization, most of the victims of these accidents are the vulnerable road users like pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. Nearly one third of the deaths are among passengers.

As of January 3 of 2019, a total of 26 people have died on the roads. Just about the same number died at such a time in 2018.

When confronted about it by concerned Kenyans on Twitter and on her YouTube channel, she remained adamant about an apology and went on a rant about freedom.

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