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Health - News - World - January 2, 2019

Heroin Is World’s Most Addictive Drug. Here Are The Rest

Heroin scored 3 out of a maximum score of 3 making it the most addictive drug in the world

NAIROBI (Blacquire) – Researchers say that heroin tops the list of the world’s most addictive drugs. Heroin scores a maximum score in the addiction index and only five times your dose is enough to kill you. We look at the drugs that make up the top five most dangerous drugs in the world.


Research gives heroin a score of 3 out of 3. The drug, derived from opium increases the level of the brain’s dopamine level by up to 200%. Users of the drug either snort, inject or smoke it. The drug also has massive effects on the users and society because of what addicted users do to get a fix. It’s physical and psychological effects are very high.


Cocaine, an extract of the coca plant is often used as a recreational drug. It’s effects include an increased heart rate and sweating. Users also lose contact with reality and either become intensely happy or agitated. About a fifth of people who use cocaine will become dependent on it for the rest of their lives. In terms of use, it’s the second most abused drug after cannabis.


Nicotine is synonymous with tobacco, used in the manufacture of cigarettes. Absorbed through the lungs when smoking, the substance reaches the brain causing behavioural stimulation. During lab tests, animals can definitely not smoke. However, introducing an option of injecting nicotine to the bloodstream has them hooked. It causes dopamine levels to rise by between 25 and 40 %.
The drug has an elimination half-life of about 1-2 hours.

Barbiturates (“downers”)

Initially designed to treat anxiety, more people now abuse barbiturates. The drugs are also known as nembies, blue bullets, barbs or gorillas. By shutting down some sections of the brain, they cause euphoria in low dosage. When overdosed, users can die of suppressed breathing. In the medical world, doctors use them for general anaesthesia and capital punishment.


Many still do not consider alcohol as a drug. However, increased proof of its role in millions of deaths in the world should change their minds. Alcohol is the fifth most addictive drug in this list. In its various forms, the drug takes away inhibitions and gives the wanted dopamine hit. However, its direct effect on the liver of drinkers and the indirect effect through vehicle accidents makes it even more dangerous.

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