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Technology - World - December 28, 2018

Forgot Your Car Keys? New Hyundai Lets You Use Fingerprints

South Korea’s largest automaker announced the world’s first smart fingerprint technology that lets drivers to not only unlock the doors of their vehicle but also start the car

SEOUL (Blacquire) – In the quest for car security and convenience, the new Hyundai SUV will let drivers use their fingerprints to unlock and start the car. Hyundai is South Korea’s largest automaker by sales and they plan to activate the fingerprint sensor technologies in the 2019 Santa Fe. 

Smart Fingerprint Technology

Drivers are familiar with smart fingerprint technology that is already in use for phones, laptops and tablets. For the car, you will place your finger on the sensor, located on the door handle. You will find this behind the door handle or on top of it depending on the car model. After this, the sensor identifies encrypted fingerprint information and delivers it to the fingerprint controller in the car.

Moreover, once you are in your car, you only need to touch the ignition button to start the vehicle. The button also has a fingerprint sensor.

First Quarter of 2019

Hyundai announced the plans to roll out the fingerprint sensor technologies in the 2019 Santa Fe .The SUV is set to be available in specific markets (China, is first) in the quarter 1 next year.

During the Guangzhou Auto Show in mainland China, Hyundai revealed a prototype of  SUV, which they termed as ‘our most advanced SUV ever’.

Driver Customization

As to be expected, several people often drive one car. For instance, a mother, father or son can drive the family car. However, each individual usually has preferences in terms of seating position, side mirror angles or the entertainment system. Hyundai’s smart fingerprint technology can customize the driving environment for the individuals (up to 5). Engineers designed it to match the driver’s fingerprint data with their favourite settings.

In a statement, Albert Biermann, who is Hyundai Motor’s president and head of research & development added more details on the customization plans. He said that the company plans to expand the technology to include AC control and position of the steering wheel for each driver.

This is a classic case of the car learning more about you.

New Hyundai DuerOS Auto

The 2019 Santa Fe ,will also have the DuerOS Auto. This is Hyundai’s conversational AI voice recognition system, made by Baidu (the Chinese search engine giant). The DuerOS Auto is similar to Mercedes’s voice assistant or Amazon Alexa. It will allow car occupants to give voice commands for several car functions such as entertainment and navigation.


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