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Politics - World - December 27, 2018

Live Bullets And Tear Gas As Soldiers Fight Protesters In DR Congo

The Congolese prepare for election to replace Kabila, who replaced his father in 2001

KINSHASA (Blacquire) – The Democratic Republic of Congo has not had a peaceful power transfer since it acquired independence from Belgium in 1960. President Kabila ascended to power after rivals assassinated his father, Laurent-Désiré Kabila, in 2001. The electoral commission announced that they cancelled voting in some cities due to Ebola and violence.

The Announcement

The commission (CENI) cancelled voting in the coming election for Butembo and Beni. The two cities are stronghold regions of those who oppose President Kabila. Kabila supports Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, who critics say, might benefit from the cancellation.

Speaking to Reuters, a resident said that a group of demonstrators planned to enter the CENI office. They hoped to get a withdrawal of the decision. However, police and soldiers present repulsed them and fired live bullets in the air.

Patients flee isolation centre

When the protesters marooned an Ebola centre in Beni, 24 patients fled for their safety. This poses a huge risk to the general public as 17 of them tested positive of the virus earlier. As of the time of publication, three patients were back at the centre.

U.N peacekeepers pushed back demonstrators who raided the office of the government agency working to contain the Ebola virus in Beni. The protesters chanted anti-government songs and threw rocks towards those in the center.


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