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Home News Betrayal? Tale of PA Who Slept With Boss’s Teenage Daughter
News - Politics - December 27, 2018

Betrayal? Tale of PA Who Slept With Boss’s Teenage Daughter

Reuben Kiborek, a personal assistant to Kenya's Water Cabinet Secretary was charged in a court for defiling his boss's teenage daughter

NAIROBI (Blacquire) – Mr. Reuben Kiborek, an aide of a Kenyan Cabinet Secretary was charged with defiling his boss’s teenage daughter in a high-end hotel in Nakuru town. He denied the charge before Nakuru Resident Magistrate Yvonne Kathambi who let him free on a KSh300,000 bond until January 18, 2019.

Nights in Police Cells

Mr Kiborek  spent three nights, (Christmas included) in police cells at Bondeni Police Station in Nakuru, a town in the North-West of the capital, Nairobi.

Journalists who came to follow up on the case on Thursday had a tough time seeing him. Friends and his lawyer helped him sneak into the court room at about half an hour before noon.

As soon as Mr Kiborek entered the dock, the judge gave direction for all journalists and non-relatives to leave the courtroom.

The accused faced a charge of performing an indecent act with a minor, which is against Kenyan law. The said act happened on December 23. His friends, in a big crowd, helped him leave the court after the session ended.

Offence Charge sheet

The Investigations

Nakuru County  Police investigated the matter from Monday morning after receiving the report. Due to the high profile nature of the case, the Cabinet secretary and his family put effort to keep the case low key. The decision to eject journalists from the courtroom on Thursday is more evidence of this.

Sources say that the accused arrived to pick up the minor at her parents’ home on Sunday afternoon.

After driving to Nakuru town, he booked into Sarova Woodlands Hotel, a five star hotel within the town.

A defilement report reached police on Monday morning. However, Mr Kiborek had left the hotel room and fled. This prompted police units to combine to hunt and track the suspect. Once the police found him, they drove to Nakuru in the company of the CS’s wife.

Sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) then interrogated the suspect at the Bondeni Police Station.

Hospital tests and delayed charges

During this time, family took the girl to hospital for tests to determine if the suspect had defiled her.

Although the suspect was to be arraigned on Monday, he was held at the office of Nakuru OCPD Samuel Obara, until evening without charges. Witnesses say that a court clerk, a prosecutor and a magistrate visited the OCPD at his office the same day.

One of the officers told journalists that the matter had been handled, which raised questions on what transpired in the OCPD ‘s office.

Mr. Kiborek once unsuccessfully contested for a parliamentary seat. The Cabinet Secretary did not give any comment on the matter.

A campaign poster of the suspect during the previous election in Kenya.

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