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Home Business Weston Hotel Escapes Bulldozer’s Blade As Kenyan Government Conveniently Halts Demolitions
Business - Politics - World - December 20, 2018

Weston Hotel Escapes Bulldozer’s Blade As Kenyan Government Conveniently Halts Demolitions

The National Land Commission was set to sit on Thursday to decide on the fate of the hotel

NAIROBI (Blacquire) – The National Land Commission of Kenya was set to sit and decide the fate of Weston Hotel. Official communication from the government suspended all demolitions in the country and with immediate effect. As a result, the hotel, associated with Kenya’s Deputy President survived to stand another day.

D-Day for Weston Hotel

The National Land Commission (NLC) meeting on Thursday was to decide on the status of land on which the hotel stands. The commission had prepared a draft report that recommended the revocation of the title deed for the hotel. They were to adopt or make amendments to it before informing parties to the matter, inclusive of Weston and the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). In the event that the commission adopted the report, the owners would only have the option of turning to the courts to appeal. But this was expected to be difficult due to the high profile of the owners and interested parties.

Recent Demolitions

Nairobi has been the epicentre of several high profile demolitions in the past several months. For instance, county officials tore down a high end hotel in the Gigiri area in the past week. A court approved the demolition of the multi-million hotel after it ruled it was a security risk to the diplomatic premises in the area. The construction of the hotel had violated approval guidelines. Nairobians witnessed more demolitions in the Kayole where families slept in the cold after buildings erected right behind Nyama Villa came down amidst tight security. The County government of Nairobi destroyed many more buildings and illegal structures either for road expansion or those in waterways.

National Government Birthday Gift

Government ends demolitions on same day the fate of Weston Hotel was to be known

The government, through the Head of the Public Service, issued a notice to end the demolitions. In addition, the letter said that further direction will follow after consultations with State agencies and stakeholders.

Raised Eyebrows

Graduation, Anniversary and Birthday

This comes a day before the Deputy President celebrates his birthday and graduates with a PhD in Plant Ecology from the University of Nairobi.  William Ruto will receive a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Plant Ecology. Friday December 21 will mark his 52nd birthday. Moreover, it will also be Ruto and Rachel 27th wedding anniversary.



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