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Culture - Magazine - December 20, 2018

Prophet Dr Owuor Engaged In Bitter War With Critics Online

No holds barred as the foot soldiers of the mightiest prophet of the Lord defend their leader.

Prophet Dr David Edward Owuor, leader of The Ministry of Repentance and Holiness’s Kings Outreach Church, is engaged in a bitter online war of words with his critics.  Followers refer to Dr David Owuor as the mightiest prophet of the Lord. He is a man under attack in the corridors of social media. Many people who do not believe the gospel he preaches and his miracles have poked holes at his prophesies.

The Prophet Dr Owuor is preparing for his annual meeting held in Nakuru. Coincidentally, the criticism comes at a time when he is most visible on mainstream media because the meeting is usually aired live on K24.

Blogger Abraham Mutai

Led by blogger Abraham Mutai, Twitter users have questioned where Dr Owuor gets the money to fund his lavish lifestyle. They also ask if he accounts for it. In addition, sources say that the Prophet leaves his current residence with chase cars and armed police flanking his convoy.

Prophet Dr Owuor Multi-million Residence In Runda

According to Abraham Mutai, Dr Owuor is building a multi-million residence in Nairobi’s Runda estate. Therefore, he adds that the Prophet is using money collected from gullible followers. The blogger posted messages alleged to be Dr Owuor’s direct orders to pastors to collect money from the congregation.

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Mexicans’ Defection

The blogger reports that Dr Owuor’s arrogance has led to the defection of members of their Mexico church. Mutai uploaded a video, in which a Hispanic man accuses the prophet of falsely calling their archbishop a drunkard.

Someone Tell Mutai

In retaliation, supporters of Kings Outreach Church started a counter hashtag which was among the top online trends for the past 12 hours. They produced videos that showed Dr Owuor openly telling people not to believe pastors who ask them to plant the seed.


Dr Owuor repeatedly performs acts that his followers believe in and call miracles. However, several articles question his legitimacy as a man of God. As a result, he creates controversy everywhere he goes.

A version of this story first appeared on Daily Updates.



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