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U.S. - World - December 20, 2018

Donald Trump Sends Out Funny Tweet On Farm Bill, But The Replies Are Funnier

Once he figured out Twitter, we just cannot stop him and the tweets keep coming

Just before Donald Trump signed the $867 billion farm bill, he decided to share his thoughts on his favourite platform, Twitter. President Trump tweeted a video of his acting days and captioned it : Farm Bill signing in 15 minutes! #Emmys #TBT

Farm Bill Signing

As usual, his tweets receive so many retweets and likes within a short time. Therefore, this one was no different. We read the replies and picked out the funny ones for you.

What to expect

The Herald & Review reports that the final five-year farm bill will set policies and make legal farm, conservation, nutrition, rural development, nutrition, agricultural trade and other programs.

The Congressional Budget Office says it would cost $428 billion for fiscal years 2019-2023 and $867 billion over a 10-year scoring window of fiscal 2019-2028.

As a result, the legislation would also remove hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, which would legalize hemp production. The 2014 farm bill, which expired Sept. 30, allowed limited hemp production for research projects approved and overseen by state and tribal governments.

Border Wall Funding

Mr. Trump, speaking at the farm bill signing, addressed his demand for border wall funding.

“I’ve made my position very clear: any measure that funds the government must include border security,” Mr. Trump said in relatively lengthy remarks on border security.

“Essential to border security is a powerful, physical barrier. Walls work, whether we like it or not,” the president also said.

The president noted that, “If we don’t stand strong for our national borders, then we cease to be a nation.”


Overall, Twitter users expressed their shock over the tweet while others just found it funny.

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