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Travel - U.S. - December 18, 2018

Travel Agencies Colluding With Celebrities To Steal Your Hard-Earned Money

They get crazy rates and sometimes don't pay to travel. Well, it will not be the same for you

Travel agencies are all the rage. There’s always the incessant advert that begs you to try their services. You will get the best rate in the market with them. A royal’s treatment is all you will get with them. Then, you see a picture gallery of your favourite celeb with them. Courtesy of that travel agency. Your celeb sings praises and you take the bait. Bye bye account balance.

The Search

The first step is to look for you as the prospective customers. They will place ads on the social media platforms and promise floor low rates. Some of you will buy into it. Often, the rich among you opt for them, to avoid extra inconveniences. But you have all the time. Never forget that.

In case of enquiries

They dangle a phone number or email for you to take and get in touch. Once you get through to the travel agencies, you will get the first reality of the kind of costs you are dealing with. Apparently, there is more than they let on.

How qualified are you?

Truth be told. Not everyone can afford to travel in 2018. Or 2019. Or forever. Capitalism and the laws of an economy dictate that buyers must be willing and able to buy a product or service. Which are you? This is where they thin the list of potential clients.

Pitch a.k.a Quotation

After you share details on where you would love to go, you will receive a quote. The price is inflated because they have to make their profit. Can you handle the mark up? Or is this where you look for other agencies? They offer to book flights, airport transfers and hotels for you. Seamless, right? Yeah, and expensive.

Addressing your doubts

This is where you get all the talk about how flights are expensive during this time of the year. The definition of peak times of the year becomes amorphous at this point. Some of you give up, some keep on.

Travel agencies closing the sale

Confirmed. You have paid xx amount to We 8 U Limited. They promise they will handle everything else. At this point, you have made the decision to go with them.


All these steps work pretty well. They have worked for a long time.

Enter the new technique.

New Trick

The managers of the travel agencies figure that taking a person or group of celebrities to Coastal Kenya for a weekend is expensive. However, if packaged well, this will entice even more people to want to experience the same trip. So, they signs off to a weekend of partying and luxury for a maximum of four networked individuals. In the deal, the celebrities have to post pictures on all social media accounts and shout how awesome their time was. The agency will then offer ‘fantastic’discounts for the trip packages. Predictably, more sign up for the trip. They just bypassed your security. You did not have to go but you went anyway. Beauty of the human mind is that it will find a way to justify your spending.

Do more research. Plan some trips on your own. You will have more flexibility. You will spend less.

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