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Entertainment - Health - December 11, 2018

Singer Amani Believes Playing Male Roles In Plays Is The Reason Girls Become Lesbians

Sitting in a shallow panel devoid of logic or reason, Amani proved that autotune cannot improve your brain.

Singer Amani got herself in a precarious position when Christ Is The Answer Ministries(CITAM) did a homosexuality brodcast. In an online broadcast, they chose to dive into the topic of homosexuality and sought to answer one question. Is someone is born a homosexual or it is a habit that someone is oriented into?

Broadcast Panel

The panel consisting of disgraced musician Amani, Mercy Valarie Ogutu and Pastor Becher Karanja agreed, albeit in different explanations, that no one is born a homosexual. The discussion almost immediately takes a religious turn as the panellists seek to stress that Christianity does not allow homosexuality.

Amani’s warped argument that girls who take male roles in drama activities in schools end up as lesbians is nothing but ridiculous. The panellists agree with her and try to justify her sentiments.

High School Plays

The irony of Amani’s argument is that it is in the public domain that she used to participate in plays in high school and even took male roles. When sometimes back rumors started flying around that she is a lesbian, she vehemently denied those claims and said it was her enemies working day and night to bring down her career.

Amani of all the people should know that when anyone takes a role and kills it, it has nothing to do with what they feel and all to do with their acting talents.

It is quite apparent that the panelists were punching above their weight and ended up engaging their audience in a wimpy conversation.  The panelists even suggested that single motherhood was also a reason why girls turned into lesbians!

Weak Argument

This argument is weak, and can easily act as a trick to fool the gullible church audience. Just because someone has the title of a pastor in their name should not be an excuse for not researching on a topic.

Many have seen through the gimmicks by Amani. Going by the comments of those who have watched the video, Amani is only trying too hard to sell her records.

Amani was a secular musician who switched to gospel. She claimed that she had accepted Christ as her savior. She is among many musicians who crossed sides when their careers were at their lowest and are now back in the limelight.

Watch the video below.

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