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Victoria’s Secret No Longer A Secret.

If after that you still are sure it's the big bones, it's time you checked Fenty out or alternatively love yourself like everyone loves themselves.

Whoever is in charge at Victoria’s Secret needs, deserves a raise after probably spilling the largest secret of business on record.

The trans woman and plus size woman does not embody the fantasy that we at Victoria’s Secret are selling everyday

The average Victoria Secret model is a paltry inch away from being carried off by a strong wind. So these sentiments from Victoria Secret have hurt a lot of people.

It’s time the woman took pride in being chubby, thicc and everything that’s not on a billboard or front page of a magazine.

Yet in reviewing the same it’s obvious that the business is thriving and as such doesn’t need the plus size or butthurt trans woman in its inventory.

This is a woman who struggles to fit into a pant they should not even think of.

The secret to Secret is keeping the average woman as average as possible . Just make her lingerie underwear and dress snug to the last inch. This is a deterrent to the overweight and future plus size woman, it’s a wake up call.

Burn that fat, don’t be a brat.

If you still are sure it’s the big bones, check out Fenty or alternatively love yourself like everyone loves themselves.

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